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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Review of new film Life in a ...METRO

Life not so Good in this…. METRO

With genre of multi starrer films dawning on issues of disarranged couples, broken marriages, premarital sex, and compromises after marriages, gay rights and many more, one more comes out from Bollywood right through UTV’s pocket, Life in a Metro. Set in every busy and buzz city Mumbai, film is about three protagonist living an extremely dull life making aura dull. The lives of Shilpa Shetty, Konkana Sen and Sharman Joshi intermingle in huge 468 sq.km area. Somehow and also share a common fate of being dejected in love fields. Yaawn…Hmmmm… No new spice when the marriage between Shilpa Shetty and Kay Menon is falling apart from just boredom and stress of living in city. Konkona Sen, younger sister of Shilpa Shetty is trying hard to lose heart and even her virginity to same person (can you imagine that) and Sharman Joshi in fever of becoming rich is stuck up with a gal Kanagana Ranaut, whom he flirts with but doesn’t have guts enough to propose.
On deep thoughts and proper vision, director has chosen sex and music as chief protagonist. The link between characters and their stories is physical attraction and 3 unshaven men appearing at screen at any given time and place (Much to annoyance of audience gathered from grunts and growls in theatre) start shrieking in loud melodious voice and tuning guitar along with their vocals. Added surprise element is an old couple trying to retrieve their romance after death of their married halves. Nafisa Ali, an ex dance teacher of Shilpa Shetty is staying in an old age home, where our married woman meets Shiney Ahuja a divorcee, is awaiting her old flame who turns out to be much to audience surprise and waahs Indian superman Dharmendra. Unhappy Shipa somehow or by some reason is attracted and drawn to Shiney to an extent of desire to sleep with him, but shortly before a jolted alarm wakes her up from crime and sends her running out of red light drudgery lanes of Mumbai. Konkona Sen trying hard to find right man to go on bed with encounters Irrfan Khan, a strange bizarrely weird personality. She gets attracted to her colleague and starts dating him, only to walk in when he is busy making out with her manager, a man. Its second time in Bollywood poor Konkona has to open door to see her boyfriend in poses of Brokeback Mountain. C’mon guys give her beauty credit and let straight guys date her for once. Dejected, Depressed she quits job and enters new firm to find Irrfan Khan as her new colleague. Helping the irritatingly lovable Irrfan for shopping for his arranged marriage, she falls for him. Sharman Joshi our modern Bhilaite call centre guy uses his flat as brothel for his seniors to get gals to screw. Only he doesn’t realize that his big boss Kay Kay Menon gets his love interest Kangana for corrupting her. The pay raise lures and promotion greed makes him agree to play Key to this sex scandal, but till a day, he sees his girl lying in his bathroom drunk with phenyl. And Boom the extra marital affairs get exposed, love is lost, people are hurt, senior couple face difficulties in meeting and Emotions are played. And again 3 men in their guitar mumbling their melodious number at some crossroad of city and making climax more baffled with plethora of all characters of film dispersed bizarrely for their true love and life.
The stale screenplay is even made duller by poor and flawed direction. Anurag Basu has failed to freshen up his talents and the movie. The string between stories is also too weak and lacks intensity. The camera angles capture right emotions and movie along with scene, but movement of scenes is only wrong. The pace of screenplay in this 2 hours movie is lost at many times and dull throughout movie. Multistory with serious captivity can be bred and treated differently. The lifesaver and drawing power of this movie is performances. Each and every character of movie has done par justice to their roles and special mention to Irrfan Khan, who has tremendously exceeded in his portrayal. Dharmendra deserves a standing ovation for his superfluous comeback after n number of years. The music though melodious fails to jive up screen and just its untimely presentation serves an irritating irk to audience. Pritam and his band mates have done their job but too many songs in this hardly scripted movie don go well. The kiss and tell controversy may save Shilpa’s fate and of film besides the performances


Rating Chart

* Bhool Hi jaaon
** Theek Hai Chalalenge
*** Accha Hain Achha Hain
**** Kya Baat HainJhakkaas
***** Dimaag aur Dil Hila De
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sweetheart said...

nice review
quite opp of wat i wrote in my blog..
wats your name..no profile on your blog..hey did you actually took tushars interview?
keep bloggin:)

Rajeev said...

Is the muvee really that bad!?!?
My frenz wanted to go watch this muvee, but I decided not to go to this and watched a kannada muvee instead :D
thank god i didnt watch this one then! :D

peace & love

whiskypriest said...

the reviews of this movie seem confusing. u have said its not gr8 but 'now showing' on cnn - ibn says it a wonderful movie.

Ruchika said...

Oops! I had to stop reading your post in between coz it gives away the whole story, or whatever little story there seems to be in this movie... in all likelihood, given your review, I would never go and watch this movie in the theatre.. but the place where I am staying right now, there are no hindi movies in theatres and I'll have to watch it on DVD.. don't have much choice in that, so I guess I'll watch Metro anyways!

Jeya Anand said...

hmmmm well thats ur view...and someone else rates 4/5...wat way to go...hmmm i will check it myself:D

saw that from ur pro, u r a dentist...gud..btw i m a medico...nice meeting u...:)

soul&body said...

I just watched nly one movie indian...hummm

Anonymous said...

...some movies are worthwhile watching...unfortunately...maybe this isn't one of those ;))

Shruti said...

I think, now i dont have to watch the movie.has the whole story is in front of me..
Nice review..
Anyways, take care..

Lord Jim said...

"On deep thoughts and proper vision, director has chosen sex and music as chief protagonist" hilarious line really.
Didn't watch Metro and don't intend too either.
Bought a DVD of Oliver Stone's works recently will immerse in them.

ani said...

hey! i completly agree with your review! and the whole world atres at me totally aghast that I dont really like the movie!!! :D

n yes.. tagged you! visit the post 'quirky li'l me' on 'The ramblings of my soul' Hope you don't mind!!

swatimala said...

completely agree wid ur review!

the newspapers r calling it the grtest thing to hit the movie market, but the perspective of living in a metro it gives is very different and far away 4m the truth

Princess Banter said...

Awww now I'm intrigued... I wanna see the movie now!

Ankit Gupta said...

nice review,
actually the music is really, its original...n me is gald that pritam is bringing this remote talents more regularly

the best part was ur rating chart...really nice


soul&body said...

Happy Child day

Children love, they laugh, they care.
Children, bless them, they know how to share.
Children try hard to be what you want,
Sometimes they can't and they start
To cry, that's when a hug or a
Kiss is the tool, no not a spanking
That's not the rule.
Children do good and children do bad,
Children are happy and children are sad.
Children must walk before they
Can run, all of us wake to the
Bright morning sun.
So cherish the children these
Treasures from God, for without
Them the Earth would be nothing
But water and sod.

Dewey Nixon

StandbyMind said...

Jus came back from this movie...
I would have killed those bastards...pritam n party..ok accepted u give nice music but doesnt mean u would appear after every bloody scene!

nikhil said...

well u sound a lot like rajiv masand on this post ... quite harsh in terms of the ratings !!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Thats a nice review.. :) Rating seems 2 b fair and unbiased!

Cyberkitty said...

good review, i think i'll wait and watch the movie on cable !

Radha said...

I've heard so much abt this movie...it definitely seems very sensationalist & 'in-the-news' type...

Bullshee said...

nice job reviewing the movie!though i am yet to watch it!!!

Shruti said...

Hi dear,
Long time..no updates..where you gone dear..
Take care

Neo said...

i personally liked he movie...i guess it has something to do with the fact that i watched it with a friend i have a crush on!

Lord Jim said...

updates plz dont go the lindsay lohan way

Mihir said...

funky blog man!
and i ACTUALY loved the movie!

Still searching said...

I saw this movie after reading your blog, and I actually thought it was quite a nice movie! Hehehe... :))

Shanks said...

man u write real well, I havent seen the movie yet,,,
tho i wanna try it ...

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