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Monday, May 27, 2013

I'M SO Excited..... Movie review

Foreign films don't form part of normal audience viewing, thus many get amiss living in a small city. But no surprise when Harbour Lighthouse in Southampton decided to screen Almodovar's new instalment. The fact that Spanish filmmaker has already made his marks from his movies of 90s and noughties and generated a fan base all over island make sure the cinema house that it wont be a loss deal to screen, " I'm so excited". On a Sunday afternoon with semi packed auditorium, we were ready for a voracious screenplay with multiple sub plots and metaphors. We did get the later half but not the first half. Pedro Almodovar was trying his hands on light romantic situational comedy with  his usual undertones.
The movie starts on airport runway, with revelation by airport porter Penelope Cruz to a plane technician Antonio Banderas, and revelation leads to an accidental swallowing of a part in the engine. Thereby leading to failure of landing gear of a flight destined to Mexico, triggering a storyline of confessions, building friendships, experimental relationships, class warfare and what not. Almodovar uses comedy as medium to deliver these metaphors. The economy class including their stewardesses are somehow being sedated to avoid confrontation of unfortunate circumstances, an undertone of class prejudice. Some one mentioned supposed to be metaphor of current Spain trapped in EU, no idea.   The business class, served by 3 camp gay stewards, is form of characters to give more metaphors and sub plots to save plane (movie) from crash landing. We have a semi retired actor flying to revive his career by fetching roles in Mexican Television industry. On learning on fate of his aircraft, calls his girlfriend suffering from mental health problems and on verge of suicide literally, but gets connected to his ex whom he shared true love apparently. Hence fate directs him towards confession of being a bad boyfriend and paranoia of being ageing actor and slipping career. Then there is another ageing B grade actress, Norma, a diva who earned her name and now money by her élite fans of her sexuality and now blackmailing them for their xrated videos. She thinks it's a conspiracy to kill her and confesses everything only to fall in love with henchman who is on board to kill her.  We have psychic virgin who senses the plane's discrepancy and outs to people and out of frustration consummate with a sedated bloke of economy class. There is a father searching his daughter who has runaway from her orthodox background to be model only turns out aX rated actress, employee of  Norma. It is also revealed later on that he has committed several financial frauds, latest one being an airport which has no use. The crew also give us some stories, the head steward having a relationship with his pilot, a bisexual in a committed marriage. The co-pilot stuck in a meaningless relationship with girl wants to know why he isn't bisexual and experiments with men around him often. The large steward , practicing celibacy, but has ravaging sexual urge underneath. Throw in few puns, some banter and a pointer sister song of movie title performed by stewards to calm passenger down and we have the climax.
 The movie is travelling in a linear direction unlike the plane circling the Spain, and like aircraft fails to reach its destination. The characters are well picked and so are actors chose to do them. But it's not the play acting that lets down, it's the script which fails to take off. The plot can be very claustrophobic as after all is only in the business class of a Spanish flight. The metaphors are good but not potent enough to give the horsepower to engine. The Almodovar fans like me feel let down at his attempt to make a light movie. He might be forgiven as people unknown to his genre might like his movie, but it's not a masterpiece nor a movie of good direction. It is more like jigsaw puzzle with pieces of scenes falling in to place to create a scenic poster. The movie doesn't present much with excitement, few giggles and some undertones.
Verdict : A flat coke  **1/2

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rocky Horror Show review

 After managing our way through frills, stilettos and loud and eager audience, the woman seated next to me said "This isn't for faint hearted." Even in current decade of zombies, vampires and Tory government, this 40 something old sci fci musical parody of 30s hollywood is more thrilling!!!! Hence, no surprise when now country touring Christopher Luscombe production of Richard O"Brien's path defining musical opened in Mayflower theatre, fellow Hampshireans packed the auditorium, after all men seldom get chance to rummage through their Ann Summer collection to don their fish net stocking, padded lingerie and open the wig collection. Thus among the most cross dressed straight men  of country in room and loudest make up wearing women, we were waiting in antici...........Pation!!!!
   The plot, although etched well in people's mind, is about a very virgin undersexed engaged couple who make a journey that makes them halt at a castle owned by oversexed transvestite with a zombie looking butler and hooker make up wearing maids. The night spend in the mansion changes their life and makes them lose their innocence along with virginity. Doesnt sound very appeasing, does it? And among all this there is dark humour, some sci-fi stuff and a major homage to B grade movies that packed 30s-50s theatre as part of double feature, usually horror in genre. Isnt that too much to pack in mere 100 minute musical.  And sci-fi isn't subject to  sing about nor is horror ever funny. But barely out of his puberty Ozzie O'Brien took advantage of sexual revolution of 60s-70s, and rock roll craze and whipped into this ever exciting production. The songs now at everyone's lips are a quiet collection for Ipod generation,
    Luscombe does all the justice to this legend in his production. Narrated very wittily by Richard Sparks, who encompasses the current "Embarrassing Bodies" and "Tourette" generation, very well in his witty monologue. He even manages to respond to a loud and clever group audience who throw " Jimmy Saville", "C*ck, " and W*nk" humour at him. Not only he responds affordably and quickly but also manages to include in flow of script, hence receives  an ovation by the already adrenaline soaked audience and some alcohol soaked too. Sam  Attwater and Dani Harmer play their part as all American naïve couple well, apart from Sam's singing, which he clearly tries hard but fails flat. But he is forgiven and forgotten soon as when Oliver Thornton steps on stage in his stilettos and corset, all is well. Even after dancing to "Time Warp", we have  stamina to laugh at wonderful campness of  Thornton, and his acrobatic choreography not to mention all delicious rounded but which he flaunts. Kristain as Riff raff and Ceris as Columbia rock the floor, poor Abigail as Magenta with her limited script does well and so does Joel Montague as Dr Scott and Eddie. The band by Tony Castro does justice to the orignal music.
  But the main stars of show are audience, however gin soaked or red lipstick stained, they are spirit of show that hum along the songs, make quirky remarks, jump to left on Time warp and never stoop applauding the cast for taking them to a memorable journey of sexual revolution in back drop of sci-fi and humour. The sex is more seductive than Christain in 50 shades of grey and the ripples of sexual tone are felt in audience. The groping, erection of simulated penis, massaging of breasts and thrusts and grinds don't feel perverse or an abomination, on contrary the homoerotic is beguiling to a most hetro audience. The Luscombe as succeeded to gain the core of musical:audience involvement and hasn't given Richard O'Brien a chance or reason to frown or sulk.
    Never does a hairy chest in corset or hairy leg in high-heeled Prada feel right, but only in Rocky Horror show. The pink hair, glittery coat and a tiger print speedo do fit right in the viewers. It is unknown when-have heterosexual men loved to cross dress and parade around city to enjoy a very sensual dark musical. But that was the magic knowingly or unknowingly created by O'Brien. He made Transylvania look a better settlement than earth, and made alternate lifestyle a norm. Rocky Horror show supposed to be representative of  a revolution, of cult fashion, little did Richard knew he created a cult with its followers age from 70 to 15. Prozac, laughing gas or viagra isn't needed to raise the roof in the musical, the concept just does it for people. Hence even though smiling makes the face hurt and clapping makes palm sore one doesn't stop doing either. A must watch if it opens in your town or town near you, as among best musicals seen on stage

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How did Maggie's death affect me!
Ding dong witch is dead, may haven't been a number one this chart, but did show the bitterness that people keep inside them.  Lady Baroness Thatcher passing away wasn't a surprise , shock or even dismay, she was frail in past few years and her condition has got worse. Although doesn't mean the family will be less sad and don't have right to mourn about her. But her death has seemed to cause more controversy in my life than her active political life. 
Not a conservative or Thatcherite but as mere Thatcher sympathiser I found myself in muddy waters with the proclaimed socialist of nation. I had outrage against me on twitter, my friends shouted at me and few ppl didn't shy their anger when I merely expressed Thatcher did what she was going to do, hence why vote her thrice and then have this anti Thatcher propaganda. And all this people supposed to be left Wing secular part of society. I till today assumed swinging to left meant being liberal and not narrowing your outlook, hence proud of my left roots. But the "socialist " idealist" of that calibre have ashamed me for being on their side of the semicircle. 
   Not going more in details of political or economic aspect of Thatcher, I merely stated she came in power when the nation could not afford the perks of welfare it was used to. After the Great Depression , Cold War and most importantly loss of empire the treasure chest was running low on resources. And like any wise housekeeper she budgeted and made her income run for her household (Britain). But that created uproar as unearned privileges were being cut, privileges which suddenly became necessities. And she also wanted to increase her income hence the free market and encouragement to business who might help to pay for those privileges what socialists go banging about. Ask any middle class mother, how she manages her household with the household income, and I know country is different from household. But so were the times, from being a rich empire the nation had lost colonies, one of big chunk of income. 
   People also mentioned her being homophobic of passing section 28, but same ppl forget she had supported decriminalization of homosexuality. And section 28 although a discriminatory act has no direct result. Mine closures of Harold Wilson are conveniently forgotten although were definitely more in number than the same period than of Thatcher. Left wingers opposing the privatisation never raised a finger to protest against the private British empire exploiting the colonies as long as they were paying the welfare. And same idealist were happy to have all these perks that came from a private company.
  What strikes me most about this is the "Hypocrisy" of these "Guardian readers". You didn't like her but you praised her when she initiated indirectly war in island 1000s miles away and won for the nation. She became the hero, the mum, the leader. But minute she took harder decision she was witch reincarnated from hell of Oz. I also fail to understand why did nation kept her in office for three terms when she supposed to have an iron heart" not just an iron exterior to be strong to stand on her ideals. Their argument also came to me as " you didn't grew up in this country in 80s", my reply was you didn't grew up in any colonies but were more than happy to made comments and sometime decide their policies. 
  Glenda Jackson's bitterness or Owen jones negativity or Ken Loach's social opportunism had struck me hard. Especially these were my heroes of liberal aspect of society. But they are as staunch as the traditional Tories. Idealism has completely lost on me especially when it doesn't flip the coin to see what's on other side   Never a Tory nor a Thatcherite, I am saddened by her death but mortified by the "progressive nation's" regressive approach to a leader they disagree with. Witch might be dead but her magical prowess lives on people who celebrate her death!!! 

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wish you a Happy new year

Dear Friends, family, colleagues, Fellow Bloggers and all my readers,
Wish you all a Happy new year in advance and as we are standing just at dawn of 2008, I promise you all 2008 will see whole new Blog in fact blogs with separate all reviews movies old and new, books old and new editorials and loads or more. Each topic segregated in separate blog and introducing more ideas in one blog, just abstract essays on day to day life and events. I just need to buy some more time as my career may be at verge of major turning point, not just career even life. All I need is 3-4 months and your wishes and blessings. Time is tough on me at moment plsss bless,pray and wish for easing my luck now
Thanks Promise to be back soon with bang

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Dear readers, family and friends and my most impp all my feloow super Bloggers,
I am writing this post to apologise all of you for disappointing you all. Well, I am caught up in career storm, well wanna soon be full time blogger and writer, so have to have bucks to settle for that. Hence, am just caught up in some exams to be given for furthering my educations, For which I require your support and wishes. I ll be back next Year in Jan, with loads of movie reviews with all movies seen on first day of release and review by next day plus loads of old movie reviews, books, editorial views and loads. Just kindly bless me and wish me that I get through some of major hindrances soon and find time for enlightening you withh Bollywood, Hollywood and Literati.